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The tenth annual Alex City Quiz will take place at Conway Hall on Wednesday May 22nd 2019.

Be warned that in that future post-Brexit time planes will no longer fly, shops will be bare of food, power supplies will have been cut and humanity will have reverted to feral tribes who, having lost the use of language or tools will engage in internecine combat, fighting tooth and claw on the streets of the post-apocalyptic capital.

If you dare defy the curfew issued by the leader of the provisional government Jacob Rees-Mogg from his underground bunker in Whitehall and fight your way through the check points and bomb sites to CONWAY HALL in the blitzed remnants of London’s once elegant district of BLOOMSBURY you can join the ragged masses of quizzers as we gather to celebrate the dimly-remembered achievements of pre-apocalyptic humanity: music, literature, science, TV, film, history and politics.

Tickets for a table of six cost £250 or can be bartered for half a loaf of bread.

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But what if I brave all that danger and don’t know any of the answers? we hear your anguished cry. After all, Alex is known for his devious fiendishness. Fear not. Below are a selection of questions from last year’s quiz for you to test your mettle against.

  1. The word “bellwether” has been adopted to mean a leader or an indicator of a trend, but what sort of animal is a bellwether?
  2. Queen Victoria died in 1901. In which European country is her great-great-great-grand-daughter Princess Victoria the heir to the throne?
  3. Games inventor Leslie Scott was born in East Africa. The name of her most famous game, first marketed in the early 1980s, derives from the Swahili word for “to build”. Over 80 million of them have been sold to date. What is it?
  4. He wrote his four famous plays between 1892 and 1895. Two of them reference a woman in the title and two a man. Which playwright?
  5. What is the only anagram of the only day of the week that has one?
  6. In the children’s TV show The Magic Roundabout, the dog was called Dougal, the cow was called Ermintrude. What was the snail called?
  7. Which word can go before all of these words: boy, dream, break & release?
  8. Which US coin actually costs nine cents to mint, thus making it uneconomical to produce?
  9. Which two-letter word is a poem, a film and a cartoon strip?
  10. Which medieval weapon consisted of a six-foot shaft of hardwood on which was mounted an axe-blade with a spear?


  1. Sheep
  2. Sweden
  3. Jenga
  4. Oscar Wilde
  5. Dynamo
  6. Brian
  7. Day
  8. Nickel
  9. If
  10. Halberd

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