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The original artwork of Alex cartoon strips is for sale. Alex originals make excellent birthday, wedding, retirement or redundancy presents for the corporate executive in your life.

The originals measure approximately 4 x 14 inches (10 x 35 cm), are in black and white and come signed by the authors. If there’s a particular one you’re after drop us an email or call us to see if it’s still available. They cost GB£350. We can also arrange framing.

If you don’t have a particular original in mind but are looking for a cartoon on a generic theme (eg opera, cricket, lawyers, Mifid II) then it’s worth giving us a call and we can dig out something suitable from the archive. Or you can always do the job yourself by conducting a keyword / date search.

But be warned, a lot of the originals from the early days are long gone and are now to be found hanging in the downstairs loo of a banker’s country pile or, increasingly, part of someone’s divorce settlement or death duties estate.

Also feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in bulk orders for Alex books or other merchandise.