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Alex embarked on his new career in politics, but seemed to be a past master at the skills involved.

16 Jan 20

The oft-postponed Brexit finally look set to happen on January 31st. Alex was in a celebratory mood, though others dampened his enthusiasm.

31 Jan 20

A new and unknown virus was spreading in China. Alex’s reporter brother Greg was on the scene to relay distressing scenes.

19 Feb 20

As the pandemic spread throughout the world global stock markets collapsed. Alex and Clive were reflective.

10 Mar 20

As a full lockdown of society was announced panic-buying soon ensued of key goods like toilet paper and hand sanitisers.

16 Mar 20

A new acronym was born WFH (working from home) as lockdown meant that professional City workers could no longer commute into their offices.

23 Mar 20

With no end in sight to lockdown and working from home looking to be here to stay people were giving some thought to self-improvement.

15 Apr 20

There was a new tradition on a Thursday evening at 7pm - “Clap for our Carers” in which people went outside to give a round of applause to our hard-working NHS staff. Alex, as ever, missed the point.

23 Apr 20

The middle class dinner party had changed a lot in just a few months. For a start such events could now only happen if conducted online.

04 May 20

Lockdown home working conditions weren’t helped by that summer’s heatwave.

02 Jun 20

The Black Lives Matter movement was gaining strength in the UK. One of their prime objectives was pulling down statues of historical figures associated with the slave trade.

17 Jun 20

The wearing of face masks in public was being promoted by Boris Johnson’s government for obvious reasons.

16 Jul 20

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme by which the government subsidised the price of restaurant meals to stimulate the economy was much praised at the time, though not everyone approved.

10 Aug 20

Some restaurants which had remained cautiously closed during the pandemic were now setting reopening dates, though had to conform with the still-in-place social distancing rules.

16 Sep 20

The US Presidential Election was won by Democrat Joe Biden, though it was a tight-run thing on the night and the eventual result was hotly contested with accusations of electoral fraud from the Republicans.

09 Nov 20

Generational debate was still raging in the Masterley household between Alex and his son Christopher.

13 Nov 20

By December it looked like the Government had miscalculated badly in easing lockdown and that a new wave of Covid was on its way. Alex had a festive dream.

16 Dec 20