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The Best of Alex 2014

The financial crisis seems ancient history as stock markets rise to record highs with banks frantically churning out deals in the hope of making a bit of money before everything goes wrong again.

However not all is rosy in the corporate world as Alex finds his hospitality budget slashed by compliance and a Russian oligarch's son as his new intern.

However all is not totally rosy in the corporate world. Alex finds his client hospitality budgets slashed by the dead hand of compliance, not to mention the threat posed to his salmon fishing and grouse shooting by the Scottish independence referendum.

In his eternal quest for airline tier points he visits the World Economic Forum in Davos, networks at an exclusive Austrian health resort and attends wife Penny’s corporate strategy weekend in the capacity of ‘significant other’.

Challenges on the home front include having a Russian oligarch’s son as his new intern, trading pints with Nigel Farage and treading the social minefield of being a guest at a gay wedding.


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