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The Best of Alex 2008

An annus horribilis for Alex as global stock markets melt down, major investment banks go bust and England fail to qualify for Euro 2008.


The Best of Alex 2008 allows you to re-live the credit crunch as it unfolded. Read again all the warning signs – Northern Rock, Bear Sterns, huge sub-prime write-downs - and marvel at how Alex, just like you, still managed to be utterly unprepared for the implosion of the entire capitalist system.

If you are an employer perhaps this memento of a dramatic year in the financial markets might make an inexpensive, novelty “binliner filler” for your Christmas headcount reduction programme.

Or you may prefer to retire to the comfort of your loo with this valuable historic record in hand and remind yourself of all the key events in the financial markets in 2008 .. during which you probably also spent a lot of time on the loo.


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