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The Best of Alex 2006

Alex has an affair, gets a new American boss and appears on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Prince William does work experience at the bank and Alex and Clive take a trip to Narnia.

It’s been a dramatic year at international investment bank Megabank, as revealed on the business pages of The Daily Telegraph.

Clive’s unlikely tenure as head of department comes to a predictable end and he is replaced by Cyrus - a workaholic and frankly quite mad American. Before very long Clive, now demoted to shop steward, calls the whole department out on strike.

In the meantime Alex has been doing his bit for Client Relations Management by having an affair with one of his customers, Carolyn. How will such selfless dedication to his job be viewed by the puritanical Cyrus come bonus time?

All this plus a trip to Narnia, Alex in the hot seat on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” and a celebrity cameo from Prince William as Megabank's work experience summer intern.


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