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The Best of Alex 2003

It seems like the party may finally be over for the Big Bang generation. Mid-life meltdown beckons for Alex as he loses the one thing he values above all: his job.

He finds himself having to face up to outplacement, signing on the dole, job interviews with former subordinates and the necessity of paying for his own lunches. Thankfully he can rely on his long-suffering wife Penny support him through these tribulations: by answering his phone at home and pretending to be his secretary. And needless to say unemployment is harsher still on his hapless colleague Clive who finds himself reduced to driving a minicab to make ends meet.

This latest collection of cartoon strips takes Alex from the high-flying world of international investment banking to the grim realities of the Job Centre and looking for work in the industrial North.

The perfect gift for the recently downsized executive in your life.


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