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In March Alex returns to his spiritual home in St James’s for his annual cartoon exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery. So if you are redecorating your home office in anticipation of working more from home (or fearful of spending a lot more time there after being laid off in the coming rounds of redundancies), you can view a range of original cartoons available for purchase, many of them on the topics of WFH and sackings.

If you’d like to attend the private view on March 14th please email the gallery for an invite. All applicants will be thoroughly vetted by Alex for social suitability. Please note: professional party liggers are known to prowl St James’s - especially Alex events where a better class of champagne is served - and so there will be a strict invitation-only door policy. And, we promise: there will be no long speeches. Anyone who came to last year’s event will know what we mean…

Sadly Alex is unable to attend the evening in person due to an urgent dinner commitment at his club Buff’s just round the corner.

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