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St James's is the fashionable area of London where Beau Brummell once strutted (dandies were the Yuppies of their day) and was a natural place for Alex to celebrate the 35th anniversary of his first appearance in a newspaper (the London Daily News, as you ask..) and the 30th anniversary of his arrival at the Daily Telegraph (with a stopover at the Independent between the two). Respectively these would be his Pearl and Coral/Jade anniversaries, which sound like names that Vince the Moneybroker might give to his children.

The opening night of his exhibition was a packed event, attended by the great and the good from Alex's client list and a small number of local “liggers”. The show featured over 100 pieces of original Alex artwork, much of which was enthusiastically snapped up by the guests, delighted to finally be released from Covid lockdown and keen to buy something to look at in case another one comes along.

Chris Beetles is now the exclusive agent for Alex artwork. You can contact the gallery here