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Where is the Best of Alex 2023?


Unfortunately due to an illness in the creative team (Russell has been down with long-term respiratory problems) we’ve had to reschedule the book’s production. We now plan to bring it out and launch it at our exhibition at the Chris Beetles Gallery in February 2024.

We apologise to our readership for any inconvenience. With bankers unlikely to see any bonuses this year it seems a double blow to deny them an Alex book too (though as it contains lots of cartoons about exactly why they’re not getting a bonus, maybe we’re doing them a favour).

If you wish to preorder the book on our website we will send you a gift certificate entitling the recipient to a copy the Best of Alex 2023, which you can pop into their Christmas stocking. We will post out the books as soon as they are available early next year. And if you want to come along to the launch party we might be able to organise that too.

Click here to preorder.

For further information please email Alex.