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The Best of Alex 2002

The financial world is rocked by corporate scandals (Enron, WorldCom etc) and Alex has to fight to save his job.

The financial world is rocked by corporate scandals and that unread small print about shares going down as well as up has come true with a vengeance. Alex's usual concerns about maximising his Christmas bonus go out of the window as he has to fight a rear guard action to ensure that his name is not included on the regular lists of headcount reductions that are sweeping Megabank, the global investment bank where he works. Alex's boss Rupert has been having an affair with Shelley, the Head of Human Resources, enabling them all the better to collude on organising the bloodletting.

The best of Alex 2002 is essential reading for everyone who works in the the City of London and for the rest of us, anxious to know just where our hard-earned pension money has gone.