Alex City Quiz Alex Prints and Originals

Time Out
October 22nd 2007
By Lucy Powell

Alex found his true home at the Telegraph fifteen years ago, and continues to delight his readers with pinstriped profundities on life as an unabashed investment banker.

On stage, Robert Bathurst embodies him superbly, flexing the beleaguered, status-obsessed toff muscle that he used to such winning effect as David in Cold Feet. Rough cut, black-and-white animation from Alex’s creators Charles Peattie and Russell Taylor supply the set and additional characters on a series of screens: his clients, his Eurotrash graduate trainee, his timorous chum, the moustached Megabank boss Rupert and, last and unstintingly least, Penny, the archetypal City widow.

The plot rattles off at machine gun speed, punch lines peppering every disastrous twist and turn. There’s a nagging sense that Alex’s potency as a satiric device has worn thin after twenty years of unearned Christmas bonuses. Peattie and Taylor themselves cast a show-down between him and Rupert as a tussle between two besuited dinosaurs. …. it is flawless comedy. Bathurst delivers his stream of expertly sculpted, wincingly accurate gags with unflagging, effortless panache.